Creative Mornings - Game

Creative Mornings Columbus took place this morning at Shadowbox Live in the Brewery District where Blake Compton, CEO of Compton Construction presented his talk on "Game." Blake shared his story of creating, through a community effort, Close Quarters Social Gaming Club in Franklinton. His passion for gaming led the way to new friendships and the creation of community. Gaming hit me with a dose of inspiration this morning. Creative Mornings have become a must-attend event for me and others who keep returning month after month. Check it out!

 Blake Compton presenting his talk on "Game" this morning on stage at Shadowbox Live.

Blake Compton presenting his talk on "Game" this morning on stage at Shadowbox Live.

Easton Job Fair - Hire Learning Leadership Presentation

This morning, I presented Hire Learning Leadership at Columbus' largest employment event, the Easton Job Fair which is presented by Jewish Family Services. Lynn Aspey has been key to the success of the Easton Job Fair and it will be great to see this continue through the years after this year's event comes to a close and Lynn passes the torch to others to carry on.  The audience in this morning's session was made up of employees of the participating job fair companies. If you're spending more and more resources on talent acquisition, yet the quality of your candidates isn't improving, your employee engagement is remaining stagnant and your average days to fill rate is growing, it's time to consider alternatives. Give Hire Learning Leadership your consideration!


Achieving Work/Life Balance

This morning, thanks to the Dispatch Media Group + Thrive Hive, I had an opportunity to go down to campus and listen to four outstanding speakers discuss the challenges of achieving work/life balance. The featured Ohio State University panelists included: Kim Lambert, Manager of Recruitment, Executive Recruitment, Office of Human Resources; Nicole Nieto, PhD, Program Manager for Ohio State ADVANCE, Office of Research; Marilyn Bury Rice, Director of the Lhota Office of Alumni Career Management; and Kimberly Shumate, JD, Associate Vice President, Strategic Initiatives. 

A big takeaway for me was if you're an employer, what does work/life value mean? Applying it to recruiting, how is that shared with potential candidates? What are the current employee examples you can share with people? For example, the panel discussed, what's your email question/response policy? (Do emails need to be replied to after 8pm on a Friday?) The panel said it's all about setting expectations and establishing boundaries. Most importantly, they stated, was that employers must evaluate their values and priorities.

 This morning's event at The Blackwell was all about understanding how organizations and people can set about to achieve work/life balance.

This morning's event at The Blackwell was all about understanding how organizations and people can set about to achieve work/life balance.

CCAD Professional Practice Course - Panel Event

Supporting our community and giving back are important to our business because it's all a part of making people happy. Last night, I had the opportunity to be a part of a speaker panel at the Columbus College of Art & Design (CCAD) talking with the students about their impending careers and providing a bit of insight to their job search journey. My best advice to students and anyone who is embarking on a job search is to: 1) Know who you are; and 2) Know what you want to do. Your thorough communication of your responses to each of these questions is the key to succeeding in landing the job you want. 

 Last night's event at the Columbus College of Art & Design.

Last night's event at the Columbus College of Art & Design.

Innovate New Albany: Think Like a Futurist

Innovate New Albany puts on great programs with their Tiger Talk lecture series. I recommend taking a look at their upcoming line-up and attending the next chance you give yourself. Let curiosity get the best of you. 

Today it was David Staley presenting (as pulled from their site):

Think Like a Futurist: 10 Habits of Mind to Enhance Your Effectiveness as a Leader

The pace of change is rapidly accelerating, and the scale of change is expanding. Leaders have no option but to be futurists: those who anticipate, dream and create “what’s next.” This TIGER Talk by David Staley will outline the habits of mind possessed by all futurists, and demonstrate how to incorporate these into your own practice of leadership.

David Staley is Director of the Humanities Institute and an associate professor in the Departments of History, Design and Educational Studies at The Ohio State University. He is the author of three books, including “Brain, Mind and Internet: A Deep History and Future.”

David is also president of Columbus Futurists and writes the monthly futures column “Next” for . In addition, David is the host of CreativeMornings Columbus which meets on Friday mornings once per month at rotating venues in and around Columbus. These events are free and lunch is provided.

A few of my personal takeaways (me writing down what David was sharing) along with noting the 10 Habits of Mind along with a few relative samples/notes:

“Leaders are Futurists”

Habits of Mind:

 1. Ask questions - “What if...”; Leaders need to have a question frame ability 

2 Think in systems 

3 Think in scenarios not a prediction 

4 Peripheral vision - Environment scanning is simpler than what a futurist thinks 

5 Curiosity - Be interested in something because it’s interesting; A curious mind is disciplined 

6 Sense making - Making sense of events (storytelling)

7 Imagination 

8 Creativity - It’s connecting things together at its essence

9 Identify and challenge assumptions 

10 Awareness and avoidance of anti-thinking - i.e. imitation; Failing to see facts in front of you


 David Staley delivering his Tiger Talk today at Innovate New Albany.

David Staley delivering his Tiger Talk today at Innovate New Albany.

Columbus Cocktail Therapy

The inaugural Columbus Cocktail Therapy Meetup happened last night at The Hub on Kenny, a community workspace and social club. Great drinks, good mix of people with a focus on tech and then three entertaining and informative lightning talks. Here's a bit more about the group and the speakers pulled from the Meetup site:

Columbus Cocktail Therapy!

From bartenders' self-invented nightly specials to drinks that have taken the nation by storm, there is no shortage of creative selections to be had in the beverage industry. These products are plentiful and fun, and the atmosphere in which they are celebrated comes alive with the possibilities of all kinds of success, both personal and business. From startups, distilleries, brew co's, products, faces, app ideas…you get the gist!

Brought to you by Big Kitty Labs and Karate Cowboy®, of Central Ohio, we are excited to announce the creation of this monthly event we call, “LIBATION INNOVATION, Cocktail Therapy!” It will be held the last Thursday of every month. It’s an entrepreneur-driven movement to bring people together that are committed to creating, building and growing their network of like-minded people as well as those with a “thirst for knowledge” to enhance their businesses, hobbies, indulgences and fascination with everything beverage related. Each meetup will have 3 lightning talks from local startups, the players within our scene to bartenders you need to meet. Special Thanks to The Hub Co-Working Space and Harrison's on Kenny bar for their commitment to making our event.. tasty. Our first 3 pitches will be:
- Mark Tinus, Simple Mixers
- Cheryl Harrison, Drink Up Columbus
- Jeff Chenault, History of cocktails at the Kahiki

See you at the next one?

 A shot of last night's crowd at the inaugural Columbus Cocktail Therapy Meetup.

A shot of last night's crowd at the inaugural Columbus Cocktail Therapy Meetup.

Breakfast with Business First - COSI

You never know who you'll meet at a Breakfast with Business First...that's why I go. At COSI this morning, I met new people who have started a new business; people who I connected with on LinkedIn and traded messages with; and there were friends who I always get a kick out of seeing. Go because you don't know. If you don't go, you won't know. Here's a selfie from the event. I get wrapped up in conversations and only remember to share a pic with you when I'm in between handshakes.


Shopify Meetup Columbus

Shopify Meetup Columbus hosted another outstanding event last night at Mikey's Late Night Slice on Fourth Street. Seventh Son Brewing brought the beer. Electric Eye brings everyone together and makes it happen. Thank you, sponsors! Here's a bit more about this group and last night's event.

The Shopify Meetup Columbus is hosted by local Shopify Experts to share knowledge with the growing Shopify enthusiast community. The bi-monthly meetings are free and open to everyone. With education at the forefront, each event features three speakers, offers networking opportunities, and free food and drinks. Attendees range from seasoned eCommerce experts to budding entrepreneurs, all brought together under one roof to learn about Shopify. Last night's speakers:

Better Remarketing with Justin Moodley. Justin is the Founder and Chief Strategist for LASANAN, a digital firm that supports organizations in expanding marketing capabilities and increasing campaign performance.

SEO Best Practices for Ecommerce with Krystine Monnett. Krystine is the Founder of HolisticMarketing LLC, a digital agency specializing in SEO and its relationship to all other areas of digital marketing.

Define Your Customer Experience Before It Defines You with Kevin Zyskowski. Kevin builds and managing exceptional customer experiences with his company Compass Experience Labs.

The next event is in May!



 The featured speakers taking questions from the audience.

The featured speakers taking questions from the audience.