Cochran Executive Search helps companies hire outstanding people and boost the careers of individuals through the connections we create.

Below are the business sectors we serve.


Corporate Staffing Services


Your company values great people. It's tough to find them. We simplify your struggle by managing the hiring process and allowing you to tackle your competing demands. Expectations are high for you - let us help you exceed them. 

Creative Staffing Agency


You're in the business of producing any type of communication that exists. Advertising agencies, marketing firms, in-house marketing departments and other creative makers are who turn to us for search support. We know who you're looking for and we know what you mean.

Financial Staffing Service

Small Business

You and your business are the engine of our economy. You can't stall while you look to fill that key open seat. The thing is, with your business, every seat is key. Being good includes being fast and we understand what that means to you. 


What We Believe

Enthusiasm for recruiting and a genuine desire to help people are what drive our success. Our strength comes from our friendships with business leadership and our comprehensive knowledge of the hiring process.




Capability and adaptability are what make us your ideal search partner. We will work together with you to understand the subtleties of your opportunity and focus on the candidate who aligns with the cultural fit you’re seeking. Our past experiences in executive recruitment, corporate talent acquisition management, freelance staffing and responsibilities as a human resources generalist all comprise the skills we leverage to exceed our client’s and talent’s expectations.




Our Services

We partner with companies that are seeking the best talent for their direct-hire opportunities (full-time employment). Confidentiality is assured to all.

Our placement experience includes, but is not limited to: 

Candidate Coaching

Our programs are customized for you providing the most effective help at an affordable rate.

Whether it’s one program or a package of options, we’ll make it work for you.

For the pro at any level of their career or for the student seeking their first big job.

Booster Shot

You’re a pro, but you’re launching your search and you don’t feel good about any of it. You’re not sure what needs fixing, but you feel that talking with someone about this and getting advice will give you more confidence to take on this challenge. We’re here to help you with this uncomfortable feeling and get you in a great spot.

You’re a recent college graduate who is anxious about your career preparations. Or, your search has stalled before it even began. We can prepare you to conduct a superior search with all the right tools and direction to figure things out and land the job you desire.

Resume Writing

This critical piece of your search must be perfect. Make sure it is with our help.

LinkedIn Profile Creation & Development

Hiring companies will review who you are by looking at your LinkedIn profile…count on it. Are you prepared for that? We will make sure you are.

Interviewing Improvement

Are you nervous or just not feeling good about going into the interview that can make or break your chances? Let’s talk and have you practice and refine your interviewing skills with our pro.

Hiring Company Support

We understand that a little bit of support from us is just what you need.

Job Description Creation & Development

Finding the perfect candidate begins with your job description. This document should also serve as a measure of competency and expectations once they’re hired. We can write yours to ensure it works for you.

Search Management

Get your time back by having us post your job to sites, review resumes and pre-qualify candidates. Pass on the hassle and let us give you the gist.

Candidate Research & Sourcing

Have us go find the right candidates and provide you with a list of potential new team members. Once they’re identified, you’ll take it from there. Easy.

Buy Your Own Business

Stop your search and become your own boss. We work with people who want to change their lives and buy a franchise. We work with over 300 national franchise companies and our purpose is to narrow down all the choices into a few that will be good matches for you.

We guide you through the investigative process and help you figure it out. There’s no charge to you ever because our fee is paid by the franchise company when we find one that you buy. We launched this aspect of our business because of the number of people we’ve talked with who are going through significant changes in their careers and their industries. For some, the path of business ownership and taking control of their life becomes clear.


Designed to improve engagement so that a culture of advocacy is created, enabling organizations to hire better and hire faster.


Who We Are


Chris Cochran is a passionate, determined executive recruiter who has been committed to his clients and the talent he represents since he got into the business in 1998 in Los Angeles.

His experience in design, marketing, advertising, sales and communications in Columbus routed him to Los Angeles where he landed at the executive search firm Brown, Van Remmen, Kanuit. Surrounded by great people in this boutique agency environment, he gained the understanding of what it takes to be the preferred search partner of the largest advertising agencies and marketing companies in the world.

After nearly nine years with BVK, he expanded into corporate talent acquisition by joining Maritz, the world’s largest source of integrated performance improvement, incentive travel and market research services. In 2009, he relocated back to his hometown and joined Portfolio Creative. As a member of the leadership team, he led them into executive recruiting and new markets for their staffing services. He left as Senior Director, Client Services to start Cochran Executive Search.


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 What Others Have to Say…

Booster Shot

”Chris helped me harness a positive attitude and energy to guide me through a difficult job transition, and in doing so has become a key person in my professional network, and a friend.  He has an extensive understanding of current market conditions, a large network of business contacts, and has his hand on the pulse of the strategies and hiring needs of many organizations in the Central Ohio region.  Chris has the unique ability to help you quickly assess your skills, wants, and needs, and guide you through creative brainstorming to consideration of a wide range of relevant career options.  In a nutshell, Chris does a wonderful job of bringing together candidates and companies to create a higher level of success for both parties.” - Steve, VP Business Development

Executive Search

“As a recruiter, Chris gets it. I've worked with him both as talent and as a client, and in both instances Chris was great to work with. He understands the nuances of both searching for talent and searching for opportunity. Chris is willing to tell you if something doesn't seem like the right fit, and he's refreshingly candid and transparent. And above all else, he works with the highest regard for ethics. Work with Chris. He'll get the job done.” - Drew, Creative & Branding Agency Owner

Executive Search

“I have always avoided working with recruiters because we feel very strongly about values alignment and cultural contribution, which are incredibly hard for someone outside our team to fully understand and evaluate in candidates. Chris got to know our company quickly and thoroughly, and he brought us an amazing candidate from out of town who we never would have found on our own. Chris has a knack for making ideal connections. We won't hesitate to contact him for helping us find a great fit in the future.” - Brad, Software Development Firm Owner

Resume Writing

“I’ve reached a point in my career where I’ve achieved some of my career goals, but I still have room to grow and that includes pursuing more senior roles with bigger companies. I realized that I didn’t have a resume that confidently expressed my experience and I wasn’t sure how to create what I needed. Chris was recommended to me and he, to my great satisfaction, exceeded my expectations. As concerned as I was with what he and his team would produce, his first draft was the final version. Yes, it was that good.” - Eric, Director of Operations

Candidate Coaching, Hiring Company Support & Franchise Consulting

“I have known Chris since he was a teenager and followed his career throughout his growth.

The first thing to note is the quality of the man. He has at all times been honest, energetic and enthusiastic, but always at the same time, empathetic to the needs of others. He applied those attributes to his Executive Search efforts, but I have always felt his skills were under utilized. Expanding to the areas of Candidate Coaching, Hiring Company Support and Franchise Consulting are the types of skills that I observed in Chris and I applaud his efforts at branching out. I am certain his clients will benefit from his personal expansion and refocusing.

I have no reservations in unconditionally recommending Chris in these expanded areas.” - Lawrence, Attorney & Author

Candidate Coaching

”I have had the pleasure of working with Chris for the past few years in my role as a career services and industry relations professional at The Modern College of Design. Chris is a regular participant in our mock interviews and portfolio reviews, and provides our students with valuable feedback on their work and presentation styles, and helps them develop a targeted strategy when it comes to finding employment in a fiercely competitive field. He contributes his time, experience, and vast professional network to providing them with opportunities, and I believe our students' and graduates' interactions with Chris have helped set them up for success.” - Sara, College Career Services 

Candidate Coaching

“Chris took the time to understand my career intentions and developed a targeted strategy for my growth. He helped me to improve my resume, identify industry events to attend, provided me with specific companies to research, and contacts to make. Chris has a deep understanding of what employers are seeking, and how to help recent graduates market themselves. He provided creative, out of the box ideas, and career assistance that I didn’t even know I needed.” - Kara, Recent and Now Employed College Graduate 

Hire Learning Leadership

“Chris and I worked together to develop his Hire Learning Leadership program. This program is based on Chris's years of expertise mastering the most effective way to find and source candidates, and achieves the objective of teaching business professionals how to improve their leadership skills by always being prepared to grow their team and hire the best talent available. What I learned while working with Chris is that he cares passionately about what he does and helping others succeed. I sincerely look forward to the next time Chris and I get to work together.” -Dave, VP Implementation & Account Strategy - Learning Programs

Booster Shot

“One thing I have come to count on since meeting Chris is that our conversations become seeds of connection, regardless of the context. Chris is always thinking of people he can put together for a greater outcome, this comes naturally to him as he makes just about everyone he meets a friend. Chris is the first person I call if I or someone I know needs a connection or someone to get a better understanding of how to approach a career decision.” -Todd, Executive Creative Director

Executive Search

“Chris Cochran has been well-recognized as someone that cares about the community of Columbus. When Cochran Executive Search was announced, I couldn't have been more pleased and happy to know that there is a company that is focused on the best interests of individuals looking for new job opportunities. If you are someone looking for career growth or a company looking for amazing talent, Cochran Executive Search should be first on your list to fulfill your needs.” -Kevin, Chief Experience Officer


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