What's Really Missing?

This is my business card. Do you see something missing on it? I have my company name on one side. On the other, my name, website and phone number. You can check out my site and give me a call. Wait...my email is missing! How can you contact me if I don't give you my email?! It's worthless, you say. 

The exclusion of my email address is intentional. I've heard of people talking their way into a job, but I've never heard of anyone emailing their way into one. I've given you the key to an introduction, my phone number. One has only so many opportunities to make an impression...and more importantly, a connection. A phone call creates a stronger first impression that can immediately boost your chances of securing the opportunity you're seeking. As a recruiter, I want to get as many interactions in with you as I can prior to submitting you for a potential opportunity. By emailing, you're missing a chance to influence the process in your favor. Your voice and personality come through and they can create the highly desirable connection. 

My email isn't missing. What's really missing is the connection that so many people miss out on because they don't communicate effectively. Talking with one another is the foundation of building relationships. If you really want to email me, my site has a contact page and my email is also listed at the bottom of my site along with additional contact info. However, pick up the phone and call.