A Solution is Looming

People, quite naturally, are the most important part of any organization. The challenge of hiring the best people is an ongoing battle in the marketplace for candidates. Solutions to this problem have come in the form of the proliferation of job boards such as Monster, Zip Recruiter or Indeed, to the build up of in-house talent acquisition teams, the use of third-party recruiting firms, job fairs, marketing campaigns and other money-spending tactics to get the best people. The problem is, that despite the money that’s being spent, the average time to fill an open position is longer than it’s ever been tracked, 29.3 days according to the DHI Group who came out with this latest data in April, 2016. It’s still not working!

Additionally, employee engagement is suffering and it affects an organization’s ability to attract others to their team. Where are the company’s champions to tell the world how great it is to work there? According to Gallup, they published on January 13, 2016 that “employee engagement entered a rather static state in 2015 and has not experienced large year-over-year improvements in Gallup's 15-year history of measuring and tracking the metric. Employee engagement has consistently averaged less than 33%.

“Gallup has found numerous factors that have led to stagnating levels of employee engagement. First, the definition of ‘engagement’ varies from company to company, with some measures more closely gauging favorability or happiness, which have limited utility in improving performance outcomes. Companies also fall into a common trap of mistaking their survey for an employee engagement strategy. Taking employees through a set of survey questions does not lead to improved engagement. Organizations have to approach employee engagement as an ongoing human capital strategy and consider all of the elements that matter in performance management -- from leadership accountability and manager education to clear role expectations and employee development opportunities.”

Can organizations increase employee engagement to the degree that a culture of advocacy is created? Simultaneously, can they hire better and hire faster? Leaders should be able to accomplish this, especially with an effective learning program to show them how. This is when an innovative idea develops to help solve these related issues. We believe we have that solution and are looking forward to sharing more with you this upcoming Tuesday.