The second value we share with our clients and talent is Comprehension. We must work together to thoroughly understand who the company will hire and the opportunity that's most desired by the job seeker.

The conversation with a client that focuses on the ideal candidate they're seeking begins with an Opportunity Analysis. There's as much emphasis on the company culture as there is on the experience and personality that the candidate should be bringing to the company. When completed, our firm will understand the company values, what it's like to work there, the team's strengths and their challenges. Additionally, we will know the preferred candidate's background, how their performance will be measured and what the hired candidate can do to exceed expectations. 

If you're pursuing a new opportunity, telling us who you are, what you want to do and having the ability to share stories that relate both are key to enabling us to comprehend your candidacy that will lead us to the desired result. A candidate's strengths, ambition and career goals guide us when we consider the roles the we should be sharing. It really is exciting for us when we get that job that a candidate has been hoping would come along. 

Every conversation and exchange of information between us contributes to our Comprehension of what it is we want to achieve together - it's a value we share.