The third value we share is Concentration. The three of us, recruiter, client and talent, each have a chance to concentrate on a distinct aspect of the hiring process that can lead to mutual success.

The recruiter's concentration is needed to identify the ideal candidate. There are a lot of good candidates in the market, but there are few that are outstanding for the client's particular need. It's hard to find the right one which is why we get brought in to support a client's's hard to do. It's typically the most time-intensive part of the process. But, our concentration on personality, skills and cultural fit contribute to the successful identification of appropriate candidates. 

Once the interviewing between the client and talent begins, each side must be intentional when seeking to understand if they fit with one another. The client must concentrate on listening to the candidate. The stories a candidate tells about their challenges and successes can reveal a lot about their character and how they may fit with the client company's culture. Following an interview, our firm has the client complete a Candidate Evaluation. This evaluation is a scorecard that helps clients understand how to assess a candidate's strengths and weaknesses - applying as much science as we can to the art of making a great hire. 

Talent must concentrate on the opportunity and how it fits with their career goals. As the recruiter, it's our duty to share opportunities with you that align with your interests and desire. By listening to you, we've brought you the ideal job. But, it's up to you, the candidate, to determine if everything you've heard from the employer is what you're seeking in your next role. The questions that a candidate asks are imperative - be prepared with them knowing that what you ask can make the difference between passing on or accepting an offer of employment. 

Concentration is required by everyone involved in the process to make it all work.