Columbus Web Group meetup - Learning & Sharing

Three years ago, a couple of smart, thoughtful guys, Kevin Mack and Adam Weis started the Columbus Web Group meetup. Sean Doran has joined them as a leader and their contributions to the Columbus web community continues to inspire and grow. Their latest initiative is the Mentorship program. Check out this innovative program and contribute or get signed up to be a part of the difference this organization is making in Columbus!

From the CWG About us...

The Columbus Web Group is an organization that is committed to sharing web development and design best practices in a relaxed atmosphere with web professionals and students of any skill level. We hold monthly gatherings to share our knowledge on best practices and emerging technologies. 

Our goal is to raise the quality of web development and design in the Columbus area through short talks by professionals in the industry.

Meetings take place on a monthly basis and cover topics such as best practices, methodologies, and approaches for the modern web.

We also offer Weekend Workshops, which are designed to help educate the community of Columbus on specific topics lead by experts. They are free of charge and are targeted to the audience.

You can join the conversation in our Slack community.

Last but not least, are you looking to give back to the community? 

Or are you more in need of guidance?

Well, we created the Mentorship program just for you.