Personal Connection Person

I had a great couple of beers with someone yesterday evening who I've admired for years. This person has been a leader in the digital community and is liked and respected by everyone I've come in contact with who knows of this person. Have you connected with someone lately who is passionate about what they do? Who makes you smarter after having talked with them? Someone who leaves you feeling more connected to the world and the emotions we all share? Good for you if you have! If not, seek out that person or people and sit down with them for a discussion without any time limit. Take your conversation in different directions. Listen carefully. Share your thoughts liberally. Be a friend. If you're like me, you will have advanced your career and acquired insights that one gains through other people's wisdom by having this meeting take place.

Before ending our conversation, we talked about my role as a Recruiter or aka: Headhunter. Titles are important or they are not depending on who you're talking with about them. It was at this point in our conversation where a new title for me was born. I'm flattered to be called what this person came up with for what I do and how I do it...Personal Connection Person.