Creative Control Fest is happening this week!

If you're a creative of any kind, there's an event coming up in Columbus that's for you, Creative Control Fest.  It's a series of events starting tomorrow and culminates with speakers and unique programs on Saturday, September 10. Check it out!

Here's a bit from their site to share what it's all about: 

The mission of the Creative Control Fest is to help grow an ethnically and culturally diverse landscape while providing exposure, resources, and opportunities in the design and creative fields.


Simply put, we noticed a lack of diversity in creative fields and we decided to do something about it. This conference is aimed at the creative with an appreciation for cultural diversity and the profound impact that it has on areas of design. This is an opportunity to strategically attract, build, inspire and develop the best talent in order to bring clear thought, leadership, and insights in order to foster a creative culture with self-perpetuating diversity and inclusion. Derived from the need to unite creative professionals in our local and global community, Creative Control Fest is a conference to learn from industry leaders, create, and grow.