Expand. Explore. Enjoy.

How often does one think about their career possibilities? Most likely, that type of pondering occurs when your work life is presently undesirable. You know, when things suck. If that's how it is, capture those feelings you have for your job and the culture of your team and company. Write them down. This self-awareness is going to help you fix your current situation or launch you into your next role. Don't play favorites with your emotions and only think that things are worth changing when things are bad. When things are going good, why is that? Take advantage of this lucidity and wonder intentionally about where your career could go because of what you like and dislike. You're not starting your life over, you're building upon the experiences you've gained and striving to relate them to new roles, industries or places. Expand your view. 

Does your ambition become complacent by comfort? If so, it's most likely that everyone reading this would be empathetic to your situation. If it ain't broke, right? However, we've all heard that the best time to be looking for a new job is while you have a job. If you're working to expand your view, you need to take advantage of what you're seeing and go check things out. Be curious. It's easy to say "no" to so many things that cross our paths or messages we receive. But, there's not much to show with a "no." Perhaps, there's a company out there that's doing things better than your own with a role that will provide better growth and a higher salary compared to what you have now. You have no idea that it exists because you didn't return a recruiter's phone call or you dismissed your friend's suggestion to check out the company they heard was looking for someone like you. Explore your opportunities.

Do you choose to be happy? Of course you do! Well...it's easier said than done. Staying happy during a job search can be tough. Emotions run high. The outcome is thrilling to consider, but disappointment seems to win the moment more often than expected. It's more frustrating to lose something that was never ours than we ever imagine. Your pursuit of this change you were seeking, along the way, did something extraordinary to you...it changed you. It helped you think of things differently now than they were before. Despite the loss, you grew. It turns out it's not the outcome that's thrilling, it's the chase. Some think of it in terms of being fun. Others feel that the process lifts them up. These are the ways to interpret your search. Enjoy your journey.