COPEC and Future Possibilities Wellness Luncheon

Yesterday afternoon, I got the chance to be a part of the COPEC (Central Ohio Professional Education Council) and Future Possibilities Wellness Luncheon at the The Fawcett Center. It was a gathering of people who were there to understand how they can learn more about how to grow their business, plan for their future, care for loved ones and more. Additionally, understanding how to support children through the Future Possibilities mentorship program. 

COPEC is headquartered in Dublin and is a non-profit, 501C3 organization that offers a variety of educational opportunities for individuals in the local community to achieve greater knowledge on issues involving many disciplines. This outreach is generally attained by partnering with local companies, churches, associations and organizations by providing workshops and seminars to their employees, members and volunteers. All COPEC programs are presented by local volunteer experts and are provided with the goal of overall education without the influence of individual company marketing or sales presentations.

Future Possibilities is about "empowering children." Their vision is to improve life outcomes for children through coaching and mentorship. Their mission is to challenge and inspire underserved children ages 8-14 from Central Ohio communities to reach higher, achieve more, and learn how to create their own possibilities, both now and into the future.

Check these organizations out and give back! 

COPEC's President & Board Chairman, Jay Lindner addresses the luncheon crowd.

COPEC's President & Board Chairman, Jay Lindner addresses the luncheon crowd.