Can You Chat Your Culture Up?

Your organization's culture is key to attracting the best talent. It's up to you, as a leader, to create and promote a desirable culture that makes your business a great place to work. To do so, your company's values need to mean something to people who are learning about your business. They need to mean something to you and not just have them be a graphic in your corporate lobby. Personalization of your values is how culture is conveyed and it's done so through storytelling. Taking personalization a step further, tying your company values to your personal values and sharing them with others builds their belief in your convictions and creates trust. 

Exposure to a company's culture most often occurs through interaction with smaller teams. Your team, specifically, is what you can talk about with potential candidates. Use anecdotes to express how you all work together. What business idea has gotten you all the most excited? Who was the happiest with what you all considered a success and what did they do to express it? You must go beyond simply saying, "We work really good together because we collaborate!" The emotion that will undoubtedly come through in your storytelling will build a connection between candidates and your team before they even meet!

Remember that your company's benefits can be a reflection of your culture. Be happy to share them with people. Many of the best places to work have outstanding benefits. For instance, if you receive one day a year or more to work for a charitable cause and your company pays you for that time off, that's a company who believes in giving back to their community and helping others. Share a story with candidates that comes from out of that day. 

Here's a quick hit list of things to do to convey your company culture:  

• List your company's values and write down an example of each of them having an effect on you and how you do your job. Share them. 

• Know what your company's purpose is and get in the habit of describing your business with it. Telling people "Why?" you do what you do is more intriguing than telling them you make widgets at Big Company X.

• Ask your team for examples of how your company values have affected their work. Share those stories when talking about your business.

• Be sure that you can rattle off your company's benefits and have one in particular that you think is outstanding that you can share with others.

Your culture is a canvas that's crafted by everyone's contributions.

Your culture is a canvas that's crafted by everyone's contributions.