Job Site Death Stare Rots Your Ambition and Steals Your Time

In my day-to-day conversations with job seekers, both currently employed and those aggressively searching while unemployed, I hear stories of frustration in relation to job sites. The stories are anecdotal, but this is what I hear from candidates across divergent backgrounds with varying skill levels and seniority. Yet, they go to their devices everyday looking to see if there's a job that's a fit. You can't blame them. I always recommend pursuing opportunities by going down every path possible. But, some paths are more worn than others for a reason. 

I cannot be the first person to share with you that it's Who you know that will help you land that next great gig. If I am the first person, you need to talk with way more people and get out more. Wait...that's it! You need to talk with way more people and get out more to help you land that next great gig! 

How? You must be intentional in your approach to building your network so that the time you spend on this is as effective as possible. Targeting the people who you want to connect with through social media and events are ideal ways to build this network. Focus your efforts on mutually benefitting relationships. If you approach your job search from the position of being both a candidate or a collaborator, you double your chances of benefitting from the relationships you initiate or accept. Here are some additional thoughts:

• Create a relationship with a recruiter who specializes in opportunities that are attractive to you. Be mindful that freelance staffing is not the same thing as direct-hire (full-time) recruiting. I've done both and I've chosen to focus on direct-hire because of the experience I wish to provide to both clients and candidates.

• Assume that people want to expand their networks, too, which is why they're interested in connecting with you. Amazing things only happen when people decide to connect.

• You want to be in a constant growth mode with the expansion of your network. Make it a daily habit and give yourself goals to achieve.

• Job site death stares are painful. They rot your ambition and steal your time. Energize your search by mixing up your various approaches to your search and prioritize relationship building over electronic resume submissions.

The best job search stories come from the people who have been out talking and meeting others. That's the secret to having things come to you.