CSCA Monthly Meeting - Chance

CSCA held their monthly meeting last night and it featured Travis McCleery and his presentation on "Chance." If you're a creative in Columbus, CSCA is an organization that's right for you.

Here's a bit more about Travis and the subject, "Chance" from CSCA: 


Midwestern boy heads out to the West Coast and does some phenomenal creative work. He gets recognized, but passes the credit along to others. He returns to Ohio where his roots are, citing the fact great makers are generating ideas and achieving excellence right here in our hometown. Sound like fiction?

Meet Travis McCleery—CSCA’s featured guest this month. A “designer with an engineer’s mindset,” Travis made a name for himself with some stellar film and design work at Resource/Ammirati, Evernote and Netflix—and for his own clientele as the mind behind Cleerdesign. Now back in Columbus as the CCO of locally based Root Insurance, Travis has some great stories to tell about problemsolving, the analytical approach and the interplay between science and art. But above all, he stresses the human factor—the inspiration we gain as creatives from the simple act of working with, and learning from, others.

Bryan Vogel (Center) and Daniel Moyal (Right) and I at last night's CSCA event.

Bryan Vogel (Center) and Daniel Moyal (Right) and I at last night's CSCA event.