CSCA Last Night

CSCA had their monthly meeting last night and featured Bryony Gomez-Palacio. The preview info for the program is below. On an audience related note, I turned the tables on Ray LaVoie and got a picture of him, albeit a poorly lit one. 


A blend of graphic design, content creation and curation, books and blogs with 1.25 million page views per month. That’s just part of the path Bryony Gomez-Palacio has charted.

In 2007 Bryony and her husband Armin Vit left their nine-to-fives and formed UnderConsideration – their own design firm. Bryony manages the behind-the-scenes workings of all their online properties including Brand New, the leading site for opinions on logo redesigns, as well as FPO, Quipsologies and The Art of the Menu. She has also co-authored five books with her husband, and together they’ve launch initiatives such as the Brand New Conference, the Brand New Awards, and the FPO Awards. Bryony enjoys conducting workshops and lecturing, and hosting events that bring creative talents together – à la CSCA!

On May 18, Bryony joins us to share their exciting story. From the bustle of Mexico City to a variety of hip college towns (Chicago, Austin, Bloomington) where they’ve lived, and all the adventures in between. Now that’s something worth considering…

Ray LaVoie and I taking in last night's CSCA event.

Ray LaVoie and I taking in last night's CSCA event.