Learn How to Hire Better and Hire Faster

This is an invitation to a presentation tomorrow in Columbus.

Are you a leader responsible for growing your business?

Does it take too long to find and hire good people?

Learn how to hire better and hire faster! On Wednesday, July 26th, I'll share the elements to building a strong hiring force within your organization that will make you more money.

What's your hiring manager's plan?

• Learn how hiring managers can grow their networks by intentionally connecting with candidates in their industry and community while simultaneously developing their leadership skills.

• See how the dots have been connected to create a new understanding of a manager's role that will transform a common challenge into a business triumph through an innovative solution you can implement yourself. A solution that benefits your organization as much as it does the individual manager's personal development and their long-term career success!

Will you please join me on Wednesday, July 26th, 4:30-6pm at m+a architects office in the Grandview Yard (775 Yard St., Suite 325, Columbus)? We'll have free wine, beer and beverages along with light snacks. Parking is easy and free. If you're coming, please reply via email to me at: chris@cochranexecutivesearch.com or call me at: (614) 620-9620.

Hire Better. Hire Faster.

Hire Better. Hire Faster.