Are You Ready? Gen Z Brings Own Brand of Expectations to Workplace

In this past Friday’s issue (Dec. 14, 2018) of Columbus Business First, Laura Newpoff has written an in-depth article about Gen Z and the expectations they’re bringing to the workplace titled, Are You Ready? Gen Z Brings Own Brand of Expectations to Workplace. I had the opportunity to talk with Laura about Gen Z and shared an experience I had talking with students preparing to enter the workforce.

Here’s an excerpt that hits on the theme of the piece:

Lauryn Rotonda is a senior at The Ohio State University and is about to graduate and looking for her first full-time role.

“As I get farther along in my search, I always ask, ‘What’s the culture like? Are they philanthropic? What do they do so employees feel like one cohesive unit? Do they do anything to make sure people are getting to know each other outside of work for the bonding experience?’” she said.

“When you’re working with people you know on a deeper level – rather than, ‘Hey, can you answer my email?’ – it should make the work environment so much more productive and meaningful.”

The 22-year-old’s style is a hallmark of Generation Z, which is about to take the workforce by storm. They’re the new recruiting targets and companies have a lot to learn about what makes them tick.

And here’s my contribution:

Finding flexibility

Chris Cochran, owner of Cochran Executive Search and Hire in Columbus, recently spoke with a group of college juniors and seniors about preparing for careers. Unlike previous generations, instead of just focusing on selling themselves, they plan to “interview the business” to gauge its desirability, he said.

Please note: Our business is Cochran Executive Search and a service we offer is a leadership development program called, Hire Learning Leadership.