Shopify Meetup Columbus

Shopify Meetup Columbus hosted another outstanding event last night at Mikey's Late Night Slice on Fourth Street. Seventh Son Brewing brought the beer. Electric Eye brings everyone together and makes it happen. Thank you, sponsors! Here's a bit more about this group and last night's event.

The Shopify Meetup Columbus is hosted by local Shopify Experts to share knowledge with the growing Shopify enthusiast community. The bi-monthly meetings are free and open to everyone. With education at the forefront, each event features three speakers, offers networking opportunities, and free food and drinks. Attendees range from seasoned eCommerce experts to budding entrepreneurs, all brought together under one roof to learn about Shopify. Last night's speakers:

Better Remarketing with Justin Moodley. Justin is the Founder and Chief Strategist for LASANAN, a digital firm that supports organizations in expanding marketing capabilities and increasing campaign performance.

SEO Best Practices for Ecommerce with Krystine Monnett. Krystine is the Founder of HolisticMarketing LLC, a digital agency specializing in SEO and its relationship to all other areas of digital marketing.

Define Your Customer Experience Before It Defines You with Kevin Zyskowski. Kevin builds and managing exceptional customer experiences with his company Compass Experience Labs.

The next event is in May!



The featured speakers taking questions from the audience.

The featured speakers taking questions from the audience.