Innovate New Albany: Think Like a Futurist

Innovate New Albany puts on great programs with their Tiger Talk lecture series. I recommend taking a look at their upcoming line-up and attending the next chance you give yourself. Let curiosity get the best of you. 

Today it was David Staley presenting (as pulled from their site):

Think Like a Futurist: 10 Habits of Mind to Enhance Your Effectiveness as a Leader

The pace of change is rapidly accelerating, and the scale of change is expanding. Leaders have no option but to be futurists: those who anticipate, dream and create “what’s next.” This TIGER Talk by David Staley will outline the habits of mind possessed by all futurists, and demonstrate how to incorporate these into your own practice of leadership.

David Staley is Director of the Humanities Institute and an associate professor in the Departments of History, Design and Educational Studies at The Ohio State University. He is the author of three books, including “Brain, Mind and Internet: A Deep History and Future.”

David is also president of Columbus Futurists and writes the monthly futures column “Next” for . In addition, David is the host of CreativeMornings Columbus which meets on Friday mornings once per month at rotating venues in and around Columbus. These events are free and lunch is provided.

A few of my personal takeaways (me writing down what David was sharing) along with noting the 10 Habits of Mind along with a few relative samples/notes:

“Leaders are Futurists”

Habits of Mind:

 1. Ask questions - “What if...”; Leaders need to have a question frame ability 

2 Think in systems 

3 Think in scenarios not a prediction 

4 Peripheral vision - Environment scanning is simpler than what a futurist thinks 

5 Curiosity - Be interested in something because it’s interesting; A curious mind is disciplined 

6 Sense making - Making sense of events (storytelling)

7 Imagination 

8 Creativity - It’s connecting things together at its essence

9 Identify and challenge assumptions 

10 Awareness and avoidance of anti-thinking - i.e. imitation; Failing to see facts in front of you


David Staley delivering his Tiger Talk today at Innovate New Albany.

David Staley delivering his Tiger Talk today at Innovate New Albany.