Creative Mornings - Crow Works on Commitment

Once a month on a Friday, Creative Mornings gathers and features unique speakers who take on a new theme every month. This month, Dennis and Denise Blankemeyer spoke at The Goat RiverSouth.

Here's a bit more about them and their business that was published on the Creative Mornings Columbus site: 

Dennis and Denise Blankemeyer are childhood sweethearts that grew up in Kalida, Ohio.  The couple’s passion for design and creating a sense of place influenced their decision to enter the furniture industry. The duo opened American Furnishings in a 1,200 square foot storefront near Grandview Heights in 1995. They expanded to Polaris Parkway in the mid-2000s, but closed in 2011 to focus solely on commercial sales under the name Crow Works.

Specializing in design and manufacturing, Crow Works has been creating custom commercial furniture for clients all over the world. They love what they do and are excited for what’s next. Crow Works is expanding their team and their footprint in the hopes of creating a design-centric manufacturing campus, a sense of place for their team and community. Dennis and Denise are the parents of their three children, Brooke, Jacob, and Faith and live in Granville, Ohio.