IxDA Columbus Meetup

IxDA Columbus Meetup was tonight and the topic, presented by Adam Deardurff, was "UX Accountability - Designing for Measurable Success." Thanks to Cardinal Solutions for hosting the event at their office and for providing all of the good food and drinks!

Adam gave a great talk and he concluded with what it all comes down to: "Take Ownership, Leadership & Responsibility."

Here's a bit more about tonight that was pulled from their site:

Designing an experience that delivers meaningful value to the user and business is always a balancing act. At the end of the day, we need to take ownership and be accountable for the success of our work. Whether our goal is operational efficiency, driving adoption, increasing sales or sharing knowledge, how can we bring tangible results that can help continuous improvement? Adam will share challenges, opportunities, tools and tips to measuring UX success.

Adam Deardurff is a principal consultant at Cardinal Solutions. He has over a decade of digital experience grounded in uncovering user and business insights that drive creation of meaningful products and experiences. His expertise has been leveraged by everyone from startups to global organizations in strategically building brands, content, campaigns, sites, software, and apps.

Next Event is next Wednesday at The Walrus. Check it out!

Adam Deardurff presents at tonight's IxDA event.

Adam Deardurff presents at tonight's IxDA event.