Creative Mornings Columbus - Chaos

Creative Mornings Columbus celebrated their second anniversary today at the Columbus Museum of Art. This month’s theme was “Chaos” with Nicole Gnezda, who has a Ph.D. in Creativity, sharing her unique insight to the subject. As the description from the Creative Mornings Columbus stated:

“OMG, Chaos”

Chaos is neither destructive nor undesirable. It is a nest of elements ready to be creatively re-imagined and re-integrated. Chaos is possibility. Creative people are those who can tolerate, work with, and sometimes cause chaos as they facilitate the creative forces in the universe.

One take away line from today’s presentation, “Creative people are problem finders.”

I’m thankful for Creative Mornings and I’d recommend checking out the next event on October 19 at the Franklin Park Conservatory. Sign-up here to get the newsletter about upcoming events.

Nicole Gnezda presenting “Chaos” at today’s event.

Nicole Gnezda presenting “Chaos” at today’s event.