Building Your Ideal Profile for Employment

It’s essential that you’re able to share who you are with people, whether it’s at networking events, chance encounters with people who could boost your career or in a phone interview or an in-person interview. You must have anecdotes that convey key information about you and your background. They contribute to your ability to tell a good story that engages the listener...or in our ideal situation, a prospective employer. The following questions are elemental to building your ideal profile for employment. Your responses can effectively communicate who you are and influence the perception that others have of you.

  • What are your personal values? (List 3-5)

  • What’s an anecdote you have that demonstrates one of these values?

  • Why do you do what you do? Develop a one or two sentence description of what makes you tick that you’ll share with people. (For example, I like making people happier by helping them land their dream job.)

  • Summarize the long arc of your career as briefly as you can. Keep it simple. Include a quick explanation for why you have made your career moves.

  • List your company’s values (or your last employer’s values) and write down an example of how you’ve represented at least one of them if not all.

  • What is your company’s purpose? Or, your last employer’s purpose. (For example, the purpose of my business: We make people and companies happier by bringing them together.) How do you deliver on that?

  • What is one example of a current or previous co-worker demonstrating one of the company’s values?

Subtle company promo.

Subtle company promo.