Philanthropitch Columbus sponsored by Kiwanis Club of Columbus

Thanks to John Paul, Owner of Uptrend I was able to get a promotional preview of the upcoming Pilanthropitch Columbus. Dan Graham, Founder of Notley and one of the founders of this event that began in Austin talked about the event at today’s Kiwanis Club of Columbus luncheon. It’s exciting that Columbus has been selected to host this philanthropy pitch competition. Here’s a bit more about the program from their Facebook page:

Over the past five years, Philanthropitch, the social impact fast pitch competition, has been on a mission to scale innovative nonprofits in communities around the nation. Presented by Kiwanis Club of Columbus & co-hosted by SocialVentures, the first annual Philanthropitch Columbus will take place at the Speaker Jo Ann Davidson Theatre in the Riffe Center Theatre Complex on March 4, 2019. Learn more about the finalists, judges and sponsors.

General Admission and VIP tickets are on sale now!

In order to avoid ticket processing fees, we encourage you to call the Columbus Association for the Performing Arts ticket office at 614-469-0939.

*Please be advised that purchasing by phone will be your most price effective option.

If you plan to purchase tickets online, we encourage you to use one of our discount codes. Visit the Ticket Master page and select your desired tickets. To unlock the discounted general admission ticket enter the code ONLINEONLY and to unlock the VIP discounted ticket use VIPONLINEONLY. These codes are only available to use online.


Building Your Ideal Profile for Employment

It’s essential that you’re able to share who you are with people, whether it’s at networking events, chance encounters with people who could boost your career or in a phone interview or an in-person interview. You must have anecdotes that convey key information about you and your background. They contribute to your ability to tell a good story that engages the listener...or in our ideal situation, a prospective employer. The following questions are elemental to building your ideal profile for employment. Your responses can effectively communicate who you are and influence the perception that others have of you.

  • What are your personal values? (List 3-5)

  • What’s an anecdote you have that demonstrates one of these values?

  • Why do you do what you do? Develop a one or two sentence description of what makes you tick that you’ll share with people. (For example, I like making people happier by helping them land their dream job.)

  • Summarize the long arc of your career as briefly as you can. Keep it simple. Include a quick explanation for why you have made your career moves.

  • List your company’s values (or your last employer’s values) and write down an example of how you’ve represented at least one of them if not all.

  • What is your company’s purpose? Or, your last employer’s purpose. (For example, the purpose of my business: We make people and companies happier by bringing them together.) How do you deliver on that?

  • What is one example of a current or previous co-worker demonstrating one of the company’s values?

Subtle company promo.

Subtle company promo.

January Newsletter - Check it out!

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Our year's gotten off to a good start and we hope yours has, too. There's a lot of hiring activity going on and the economic news for Columbus looks good from what we've been hearing. This is a candidate's market, meaning that unemployment is low and wages are moving upward. It's always tough to find great candidates. Now, it's even harder. We can help you. Let's talk!

In this month’s issue:

  • Don and a motorcycle sitting in a tree...

  • Blow Halley's mind and drink from her mug

  • Michael has ideas in his sketchbook and lamp parts in his closet.

Don Lee is featured in our newsletter this month. He’s not a cop. He loves motorcycles.

Don Lee is featured in our newsletter this month. He’s not a cop. He loves motorcycles.

TIGER Talk: 3rd Annual Technology Update with Buckeye Interactive

At today’s TIGER Talk luncheon at Innovate New Albany, Buckeye Interactive shared the latest software and hardware technology and design trends. After returning from the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, Brad Griffith, President of Buckeye Interactive, shared industry insights for the year’s hype and reality. He discussed the difference between the two and what you can expect to see in the wild. Brad’s presentation was rapid-fire, informative, humorous and had an overflow crowd in attendance!

Brad Griffith presenting the 3rd Annual Technology Update at Innovate New Albany.

Brad Griffith presenting the 3rd Annual Technology Update at Innovate New Albany.

Creative Mornings Columbus Presents "Surreal"

Creative Mornings Columbus is a great start to the day once a month on a Friday. This month’s theme was “Surreal” and Celia C. Peters presented, Keeping It (Sur)Real: Afrofuturism and a Brave New Outlook. Per Celia: “The afrofuturist perspective is one that not bound by the constraints of any previous paradigms or histories, which is quite surreal to experience. It’s a Brave New World on steroids. I’ll highlight how the afrofuturist mindset informs my work and why.”

Celia C. Peters presenting “Surreal”

Celia C. Peters presenting “Surreal”

Conscious Capitalism Columbus Chapter - January Happy Hour

Conscious Capitalism Columbus Chapter was sponsored and hosted last night at LOUD Capital. Haley Boehning, Vice Chair Board of Directors led the night’s conversation around what Conscious Capitalism is all about and interviewed Carter Stewart, Managing Director of Draper Richards Kaplan, where he is responsible for identifying and supporting DRK entrepreneurs and serving on the boards of many DRK portfolio organizations and Navin Goval, Co-Founder of SmileMD and Managing Partner and Co-Founder of LOUD Capital, a Columbus-based venture capital group with some well-known purpose-driven portfolio companies including Hot Chicken Takeover, College Ease and other purpose-driven companies.

The Columbus chapter of Conscious Capitalism offers programming that connects, inspires and educates the Central Ohio community. They are an open and inclusive community, supporting those who currently practice the philosophy of Conscious Capitalism in their work and businesses, and those who are new to its beliefs and principals. Their monthly happy hours are a great chance to meet with like-minded business leaders and professionals, and hear stories from others on their journey to create and lead more conscious businesses.

Haley Boehning, Navin Goval and Carter Stewart at last night’s happy hour.

Haley Boehning, Navin Goval and Carter Stewart at last night’s happy hour.

2019 Economic Forecast with Michael J. Hicks, PhD, Ball State University

First Merchants Bank presented the 2019 Economic Forecast with Michael J. Hicks, PhD who is the Director of the Center for Business and Economic Research and George & Frances Ball Distinguished Professor of Economics, Miller College of Business, Ball State University.

Key takeaways for Ohio in 2019: “Leading economic indicators for Ohio paint a stable picture, with a recovery in the LEI (Leading Economic Indicators) in the second half of 2018, capping a better year than forecasted last year.” And…”Ohio’s economy is best characterized as stable and growing, with perhaps a better 2018 performance than anticipated in 2017.”

Key takeaways for the Greater Columbus area: “The Columbus, Ohio Metropolitan Statistical Area remains one of the more vibrant and growing urban and suburban places in the Midwest.”

Selected Quotes from Summary: “The United States economy is in its ninth year of expansion, with labor markets performing strongly. The unemployment rate is now beneath all common estimates of full employment, and wages have growth over the year a near full percentage point above the traditional consumer measures of inflation.” And…”Columbus remains a pocket of astonishingly robust economic performance in the Midwest. Growth in housing values, relative wage premium for education and the composition of employment growth are more like rapidly growing coastal and Sunbelt metropolitan places than small and mid-sized urban places in the Midwest.”

Dr. Hicks presenting his 2019 Economic Forecast, U.S.A. and Ohio.

Dr. Hicks presenting his 2019 Economic Forecast, U.S.A. and Ohio.

Rev1 Ventures - January Founder's Story: Q&A with Columbus' Student Entrepreneurs

Rev1 Ventures held their January Founder’s Story: Q&A with Columbus’ Student Entrepreneurs at their facility today at lunch. It’s a great program that typically features a founder from one of their partner companies. But, today it was a panel of student entrepreneurs that shared their business journeys. I’ve been to these talks before and the themes of success and challenges that these students have faced are all familiar. Their resilience along with their realistic understanding of what’s possible all resonated just as strongly as it does coming from any of the other business owners who have told their stories.

Here’s a bit more about the students’ background and businesses as pulled from the event invitation:

Student entrepreneurship is an exciting part of the innovation and growth in our city. Columbus is a community filled with resources for young entrepreneurship. Join us as we sit down to talk with Brooke Yoakam of GiftPocket, Thomas Booker of Rev1 and Your Just Desserts, and Brandon Gotlieb of NXSTOR, as they share their experiences as student entrepreneurs and where they are headed on their startup journey.

About the speakers:

Brooke Yoakam, GiftPocket

Brooke Yoakam, currently a Junior at Upper Arlington High School, is actively involved on her school’s soccer team and volunteering. Brooke is also the CEO of GiftPocket, a mobile app designed to help teens easily store, manage, use, and exchange all their gift cards.

When she was 12 years old, she participated in the Young Entrepreneurs Academy, where she developed the idea of GiftPocket and won funding for the “best business idea." After finalizing her business plan and participating in Customer Learning Lab, she became an engaged client with Rev 1 Ventures, where she received guidance that helped her turn her app idea into a reality.

Yoakam has worked extensively to bring together an experienced team to help her launch GiftPocket in December of 2018. Brooke has been committed and focused on solving the gift card problem that is common amongst teens.

Thomas Booker, Your Just Desserts

A graduate of the International Baccalaureate (IB) High School Program, a rigorous and internationally recognized college prep course of study, Thomas had originally planned to become a computer science engineer. Five years of entrepreneurial experiences in high school—including building a dessert catering business, Your Just Desserts and being a radio host on Pensacola Business radio X—propelled him toward a business degree.

Having earned a full scholarship to The Ohio State University, Thomas is majoring in operations management in the Fisher College of Business; a program ranked 10th in the nation by U.S. World and News Report. He is actively engaged with other young entrepreneurs on campus.

Thomas is also the Entrepreneur Programs Intern at Rev1. Thomas assists as the first touch point for the more than 600 entrepreneurs who reach out to Rev1 Ventures each year. He helps to quickly connect them to the startup resources available at Rev1 and in the Central Ohio community.

Brandon Gotlieb, NXTSTOR

Brandon Gotlieb is currently a junior honors finance student at Ohio State University and more notably, the CEO and Co-Founder of NXTSTOR. NXTSTOR is a revolutionary online marketplace that connects those with extra space to those that need a place to store items. Brandon’s love for the peer to peer economy and developing community based programs has contributed to both the development of NXTSTOR and his commitment to becoming a venture partner for Contrary Capital.

As a venture partner, Brandon works to deploy capital by utilizing the company’s first fund, which focuses on funding promising student run ventures. In this role, he is able to help college students actualize their companies just like he did. Brandon and his co-founders, Michael Gargasz, and Ashwin Rajgopal launched NXTSTOR in April of 2018, in order to bring the self-storage industry into the 21st century.

They have worked to grow the platform into the go-to hub for space rentals by working closely with homeowners to utilize spaces that are often left underused. The company is currently raising capital to continue building out the network of spaces available.

The panel at today’s Rev1 Ventures event.

The panel at today’s Rev1 Ventures event.

Startup Grind - Troy Allen, Chief Entertainment Officer at Rise Brands

Tonight, Startup Grind Columbus featured Troy Allen, Chief Entertainment Officer at Rise Brands. Ryan Frederick, the Columbus Director, had a great conversation with Troy who shared his background, the story behind Rise and the success they’ve had with their brands, 16-Bit Bar+Arcade, Pins Mechanical Co and No Soliciting. Troy also shared that Rise is working on the development of two more brands that we’ll be seeing soon.

Troy said that taking risks has always been a part of his entrepreneurial journey and with the growing success of the Rise brands, the risks haven’t gone away…they’ve just gotten bigger (which equals bigger money). Community has been a part of Troy’s experiences and he cited the support of other business owners as being key to his success. Thanks to Troy and Ryan for an outstanding program tonight!

Ryan Frederick (Left) and Troy Allen at tonight’s Startup Grind Columbus held at Rev1 Ventures.

Ryan Frederick (Left) and Troy Allen at tonight’s Startup Grind Columbus held at Rev1 Ventures.